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 تعريف بالمنطقة باللغة الإنجيليزية

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"Sindh Mountain" was throughout history is room for the influx of civilizations it after the Berber starts did constitute civilizations where to subject the town to influence Rummani, "Romans" who will live right here on the movement of agriculture, farming and honors did the influx of Romans on this region's heritage are some habits that are, in essence, of Romanian descent gained by the people of the town Kalusham on but not limited to the Islamic conquest in this spot remains confirming the obvious Akhaldh did the people of the region to the principles and habits, values and Arabic language Islamic weaves areas to live in addition to fishing and farming to include trade, industry and crafts and livestock so upright region rich mosaic of diversity and the richness of cultural and heritage inventory in them.
"Sindh mountain" rhythm of daily life which is here at the top of the Sindh Rhythms is a rhythm livestock, creeps to Evergreen in easy and FCS is the rhythm of a grain of olive fall abyss on the ground to squeeze Zeta and fat is the rhythm of "Acetobacter" hit the string of information gathered to others in the "Sudaah" finger magic is the rhythm of "smoothness mud," which sits on the vessels and tools beautiful or if you wish to Portfolio for at least the scenery is "allies" hit Vtkhat Huari and shoes and other things.
Thus the people of the town live in harmony and fit the cruelty of nature and climate on the rocks Anhtwa anniversary song of life that we live here and we have been and continue to human movement

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تعريف بالمنطقة باللغة الإنجيليزية
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